The affinity mapping board

During the pandemic, the world slowed down and I took a step back to collect my thoughts, review life decisions in an attempt to improve my future. What choices could I make to bring my life closer to the expectations I have.

Having been single for a while now, previously jumping from one person to another, this long hunt that many people might find themselves trapped in seems excessive, I have decided to sit down and look into what I have been doing wrong when searching for partners. That’s why I chose to use the UX method affinity mapping, to…


For my 3rd project at General assembly I had to design a new feature for the Upwork platform. It was a one week group project of 4 people. Upwork is a website that helps freelancers in the Tech industry to find work. The feature we were asked to add was a volunteer section, where freelancers could update their skills and work on real life projects as volunteers. Luckily enough that was a group project and I had the chance to work with an amazing group of people, where we could divide the load of the project.

Client Brief



This was our final project, where I worked in a team of 3 with a real client. It was a 3 week project where the final deliverables were:

• Research insight & findings concerning competitors, user types and behaviour

• Personas and scenarios

• Experience map/User journeys

• Information Architecture

• Design & usability recommendations for improvement

• User flows and Screen flows

• Product Sketches and wireframes

• High fidelity mock-up

• Prototype of design(s)

• A final presentation to the client which summarises the UX work

Client Brief

Company and Product Name: MyMuro

MURO is a beautifully…

“Emily Harris Foundation”

Overview — Project Brief

This was a one solo week project, during my studying in General Assembly. The project was to reskin the website of our choice, on different viewports. I had to keep the functionalities, structure and content identical, only changing the UI and branding. A list of websites were given from the tutor and all of them were charities, it was upon me which website I wanted to redesign. I chose to do the Emily Harris Foundation, I loved the story behind the creation of this charity and the cause. I created 4 pages for…



This project was a one week solo project within General Assembly Immersive UX Course. I was asked to design a mobile app for plants, where the user can upload photos of plants, meet fellow plant lovers, ask questions about illnesses in plants and gardening tips, read articles and blogs, and purchase plants.

As a recent plant-mom, I found this project quite interesting and valuable as I wanted to reevaluate current plant-based apps and create my own version.

Project Brief — Problem

All the content and a rough structure of each page were provided by the tutor so I…

Islington shoe shop is going online.


This was my second project for the General Assembly academy, in the UX design immersive course. It was a solo concept project, where I had to design an e-commerce web site for shoes from scratch.

Client Values

“We Love Feet has been Highbury’s neighbourhood shoe shop since 1979. Located on Blackstock Road, we are very proud to be a part of our dynamic community. Our customers are varied — ranging from local residents to small businesses. The business model is based on customer service, reasonable pricing, and keeping it local. We employ local…

Eleftheria Anastasiadou

Junior UX/UI Designer Clinical fitness trainer Professional dancer 👩‍💻💃🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️

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